Hello and thanks for stopping by! I’m a freelance project manager and consultant for digital tools for journalists, with an appetite for strategic start-up constructs and partnerships, where technology and journalism converge. 


A transplant from Romania, I’ve lived and worked in Silicon Valley for almost 10 years. I was involved in tactical roll outs of key products and platforms for both Google and Yahoo Inc.

Returning to Europe in 2012, I’ve discovered the European non profit sector, and I’ve worked with several journalistic and human rights groups and organizations. What struck the most, was the lack of technologies serving the public interest, as well as tools facilitating media collaborations. Inspired by this opportunity, I’ve  focused my project management and tech coordination abilities to collect use cases from different social actors with the end goal of transforming them into digital tools for journalists and other professional, collaborative groups.

My well rounded experience of corporate workflows as well as non profit specific processes and methods, my stakeholder management experience as well as the ability to simplify project roadmaps and coordinate their successful implementation, allowed me to delve into some very interesting projects. The highlight of my European experience is providing the tech coordination for the core technology of a cutting edge R&D EC H2020 project.

Another facet of me, concerns teaching, researching and talking about body alignment (in yoga and dance) and movement related performance perspectives.

Recent projects